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Material TC Turnover Temperature (for filters and resonators)
ST- quartz 39*10-9 /0C2 0 0C
36YX quartz SAW 40*10-9 /0C2 45 0C
36YX quartz PSAW 56*10-9 /0C2 35 0C
37YX quartz 40*10-9 /0C2 25 0C
128YX LNO -73*10-6 /0C NA
64YX LNO -72*10-6 /0C NA
49YX LNO -71*10-6 /0C NA
36YX LTO -30*10-6 /0C NA
42YX LTO -30*10-6 /0C NA
112XY LTO -18*10-6 /0C NA